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Bagheera "twelves" 2004 asian man records

"twelves" am112
enhanced CD

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"Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun"
2017 Skeleton Fur Records SFR-012
bagheera-shooting rockets towards the sun









A space themed album that's not really about space.  While the songs on Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun employ motifs of astronomy and Roman mythology, they reflect personal experiences of love, death, optimism, war, and gratitude. Layers of guitars and synthesizers swirl across the stereo spectrum with lots of delays, tremolos, fuzz pedals. Bombastic drumming and tight bass melodies propel the album forward.  Heather and Theodore's vocal harmonies keep the album grounded within the ambitiously complex arrangements.


2004 Asian Man Records AM112bagheera twelves

1.long division
2.isolation in an accelerating
3. true silver
4. halted by the source
5. h for halloween
6. bulbchanger
7. the halloween disguise
8. not chasing ghosts
9. admission / concession
10. shape vs. concentration
(within a vacuum)
11. better at night
12. solstice
13. idle

Twelves was the first album we recorded together as Bagheera. We originally tracked the entire album by ourselves in our apartment between 2001 and 2002. At this point we learned a lot about recording through experimentation with many a late night trying out different eq settings and panning schemes. We never intended to release any of this material besides a few CD-R copies to friends. One of these would up in the hands of Mike Park and he asked us to re-record the album in a studio, to be released on Asian Man Records. In 2003 we started tracking the album with Lance Reynolds at his hyper-space studio in Springfield, Illinois onto 2 inch magnetic tape. We reused some of the more spontaneous tracks we had orginally recorded during our late night apartment sessions.


2008 self-released

1. Neptune pt. 1
2. Neptune pt. 2









Neptune was gift we made for our best friend's wedding. We wrote, recorded, and mixed the songs over the course of a year. While both Neptunes are individual songs, they share the same chord progression and have some complimentary parts when played simultaneously (just like our friend's amazing relationship).

This was never officially released but is worth mentioning as this was probably the most fun we've ever had on a recording project. This was our first recording to feature our live bass player John O'Brien on bass as well as our daughter on vortex keys.

"Vanilla Morphine" ep
2011 self-released

1. Vanilla Morphine
2. Shooting Rockets Towards the Sun
3. Martian Influence
4. Neptune pt 1.








Vanilla Morphine is a sampler of songs from our next two albums, lovingly recorded and mixed at our studio.

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---Previous Projects-----

Climber (link)

"Memento Mori"
1999 Self-released

memento mori

1. Shine
2. Cahokia
3. Go Away
4. Courier Chicago
5. Keeper
6. Caustic New Year
7. Forgot
8. Stars Lie
9. Sugar and Smiles
10. Kansas




"Virginia Heart Attack" EP
2001 Learning Curve Records

virginia heart attack

1. Blame it on the Heat
2. Monsters
3. The Trace
4. Magdalen
5. Mobile Heart








"the Sparkomatic Sound"
2001 Learning Curve Records
SPARkomatic sound

1. Lulabye Chicago
2. Refractor