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Bagheera "twelves" 2004 asian man records

"twelves" am112
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Several hundred mantises have hatched in our garden and have taken up defenive positions all around the yard. These are exciting times. We've been busy working on some new songs and playing out as much as the insects allow. This Friday we'll be at the Engine Room with our friends the Mercs.


We will be performing at the SXSCity festival in our lovely hometown of Saint Louis on Sunday March 16. The venue is Off Broadway. The lineup includes Karate Bikini, Jedi Nighties, Cree Rider Family Band and Tommy Halloran's Guerilla Swing.

I'm hoping we'll have a couple new songs ready by then.


We are currently running Bagheera v3.0 with the addition of our former Climber bandmate Julie Gibbs now playing bass. With this newest lineup we have yet again pulled ourselves from hibernation and decided to start playing live shows again on a regular basis. We have spent the last several months getting re-aquainted with, or reworking a lot of our older songs. We have a lot of new material waiting in the wings as well and I'm excited to start getting it into our live set.

We will be playing our first show with this lineup on Saturday February 15th at the Heavy Anchor in South Saint Louis. We will be opening for our friends in This City of Takers, Kazu Flyer, and Accelerando.

We have been busy working on our recordings over the past long while and's most likely going to be a long while more until we get our next album finished. What can I say?..I like tinkering with things. As always, your encouragement, support, and mostly your patience, is much appreciated.

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